Roy_Clovis_4452Roy Clovis, Jr. 

Mundo Loco Films was established by Roy Clovis who has proven himself a man of many talents throughout his eighteen years in the video, television, and film industry. An experienced producer, writer, director, and editor, Clovis’s ability to take a diverse range of film projects from start to successful finish is evidenced in a number of noteworthy accomplishments and accolades. In collaborating with other esteemed production companies Roy has earned four New York Emmy Awards. In 2009 he wrote and directed, The Cycle, a 16-minute short film that was selected as a finalist for the 2010 HBO Short Film Award. After winning a host of awards including BEST DRAMA in the Indie Producer Short Film Contest, and the SCREENWRITING AWARD at the 2010 Colorado Film Festival, The Cycle was licensed for 2 years by HBO and Cinemax and aired frequently on both networks.

In 2009, Clovis produced Pride and Perseverance: The Story of the Negro Leagues, a one-hour documentary that premiered on the MLB Network during its first month of operation. In 2006, he edited the independent film Sarbane’s Oxley, which won eight awards on the film festival circuit, including Best Feature and Best Editing at the 2007 Long Island International Film Festival.

Clovis graduated with a degree in Communication from Cornell University, and began his media career combining his two lifelong passions: sports and film. During a four-year stint at NBA Entertainment, he edited promotional pieces, including I Love This Game and NBC Specials promos for the NBA, Join In promos for the WNBA, and segments for NBA Action and NBA Inside Stuff. At Major League Baseball Productions, Clovis produced and edited features for This Week in Baseball, the award-winning Yankeeography series, and the Spanish-language weekly show Sabor a Beisbol.

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